YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Nina and Nick had an amazing October 27th at the new Hotel Henry, and I had my first trip there and hopefully not my last! What a beautiful space! It is definitely like a labyrinth though, so I spent most of my time there looking for the couple who I knew was getting photos someone on the huge grounds. I eventually found Nick and his groomsmen, and I was worried for a second Nick was going to nervous sweat right out of his suit coat! He looked like he was ready for the wedding to begin AND that he needed an extension at the same time. Nerves will creep up on you on your wedding day! After a time, I found Nina, who was stunning (and a bridesmaid I knew from high school), and checked in to make sure she was feeling good. I think she heard only half of what I was saying because she also had that distracted look of someone who is ready to stop talking to people and really ready to get married to their best friend.
As guests gathered in the art-filled wing, Nina and Nick’s huge wedding party (maybe 19 people I think), started to walk down the aisle. They all smiled at Nick who looked cool and collected, until the moment Nina appeared. Then he broke down and cried with love at his soon to be wife. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other all day, so they really missed each other! They immediately took hands and smiled, looking joyful and ready. They laughed throughout the ceremony and squeezed hands and chocked up a bit on their vows. But they managed to make it to the end where they kissed and began their new life together! Congratulations Nicholas and Nina! You were always meant to find each other and I’m just so happy I could share in this moment with you. I wish you nothing but happiness and love!

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