YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Now this is a couple that knows how to flip the script on weddings. Elena and Josh decided to get married on November 5th, at the Tonawanda Castle, at 10:00am and to serve breakfast afterwards. And I loved it! It’s hard to always come up with new ideas, but I’m pretty sure I heard red velvet waffles so…nailed it. I found Josh when I first arrived. He’s a man of few words so I couldn’t really tell if he was nervous or just excited, because he’s really good at keeping it all in. Elena though was all smiles and joy and I could tell that she was ready for the big moment. Josh did manage to peek in the room a few times, so I decided that meant he was was excited. Guests seemed very happy and alert for such an early time of day and it was obvious they were just as excited about a new and fun way to spend a lazy, rainy Sunday. Soon enough the music started and it was time to begin the ceremony. When Elena made her way to Josh, a small smile escaped his mysterious demeanor and I knew they were ready to go. Elena though, was all emotion. Big smiles and laughs and sometimes she would even say something to her guests! You can tell that they are a couple that balance each other out. You don’t have to marry someone who is just like you, just someone who brings out the best in you. Finally, after holding hands and looking deep into one another’s eyes, I was able to pronounce them husband and wife, and the kiss started off what I’m sure was an amazing after breakfast party. Congratulations Josh and Elena! I’m so happy that you found each other and that you found me as well. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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