YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I followed one beautiful wedding with another on October 7th at the Buffalo History Museum. I don’t think these October couples realize how lucky they are with this amazing weather! That we were able to stand outside, on the water, and just have a gentle, perfect breeze sweep through was a dream come true. And I’m so happy it happened for Angela and Tom, who seemed like they were waiting for each other their whole lives. When I first got there I checked in with the couple. Angela looked wonderful as she hid out in the back and Tom looked a bit anxious as he talked to people and walked back and forth and looked a little panicked when I had a couple questions. It was the look of a man who wants everything to be perfect for his bride, but his emotions were running full force! Everything worked out perfectly and once Tom stood up and waited for Angela, he calmed down and seemed to meld into the moment. I do like that while we were up there waiting, he realized he had dry mouth and left the alter to get some water. Some couples get so nervous about following rules, even asking if they can hold hands, but Tom was like, I can’t have dry mouth when I first talk to my future wife! I loved it. Soon she arrived and they took hands and had happy/nervous smiles. The looks that they gave to each other throughout were very moving, and I loved when they did their wine/love letter box they sneaked in a Dr. Pepper as well since it’s what Tom loves. All in all in was a beautiful moment, made more so by the final kiss! Congratulations Tom and Angela! It’s clear that you were meant to be together and I know you have nothing but love and happiness in your future! Best wishes!





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