YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 6th was a rainy day. BUT that’s a perfect way for a wedding day to be if you happened to meet in the rain. So I’m pretty sure it was raining just for Kelly and Scott at The Pearl at the Webb. You could tell it sure didn’t bother them! Scott was greeting guests at the door and looked very excited about everything that was happening. I found Kelly upstairs hiding out, and she looked radiant and eager for the ceremony to begin. There were many excited guests gathering around and I could tell that this was going to end up being an amazing party. I’m not sure if the couple saw each other beforehand, but you wouldn’t know if they had from Scott’s face. He looked like he was having a transcendent moment looking at his future wife when she first stepped into the room. The enormity of the moment always hits people at different times, and I think when they first took hands on the alter, it hit them both simultaneously. They looked nervous, but so happy. My favorite moment was when a friend came up to give a reading, and they had a chance to look at each other and smile in a private moment while guests were looking elsewhere. I mean, I was watching them, but I don’t count up there! I’m just a wallflower observer. And I love it that way. They choose traditional vows and said them very seriously to each other and I knew they felt the seriousness of this moment, and meant every word. A big kiss is the only way to wrap up a moment like this. Congratulations Scott and Kelly! Such an amazing couple, I was so glad to spend the moment with you. And thanks for letting me make not one, but two Shaggy references! Much love always!


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