YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 23rd was a beautiful day, especially inside the Hotel Lafayette. Ashley and Cam are a young and fun couple that march to the beat of their own drum. I mean, they met at an anime convention. But while they added some “unique” moments to their ceremony, the wedding was classically beautiful. In a ballroom covered with flowers, Cam nervously greeted guests and looked like at some point, she might faint. Or throw up. Or wrestle someone for a Xanax. Ashley stayed outside in her limo, hiding out until the big moment. People were excitedly filling up the room, and I kept checking on Cam to make sure she was keeping it together. When it was finally time she looked so excited that she was about to see Ashley, but so revealed that it was finally about to begin!
When Ashley did make her entrance she looked beautiful, and I’m pretty sure her parents immediately had tears in their eyes. She made her way up to Cam and they smiled at each other and looked overwhelmed in a good way. Then things lightened up a whole lot when it was time for their vows. And Cam, with a straight face and all seriousness, began her vows. “I’m never gonna give you up…” Yep. She rickrolled her future wife on their wedding day. Savage. Ashley laughed and then joked that her vows were much more serious, and everyone teared up as she started reading. They finished the ceremony with a symbolic painting ceremony, and of course that amazing first kiss as newlyweds. Congratulations Cam and Ashley! You were obviously made for each other and I know there will be nothing but fun and love in your future. Best wishes always!

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