YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 29th was a lovely day. Especially at Asbury Hall for Sabrina and David’s wedding. As always, it was gorgeous inside, and I love watching guests walk around with their heads up admiring their beautiful surroundings. The happy couple was hiding out downstairs, drinking champagne and posing for pictures with friends. David seemed a little nervous, but he told me he was feeling good and ready to go. Sabrina looked beautiful and her eyes seemed to find Dave wherever he was in the room. After everyone was seated, I headed out to the alter with David to await his bride. Once Sabrina made her way to him, they seemed lost in each other. They looked when there was a reading, and smiled at things I said, but I felt like they could have been in a room with just themselves. It’s a beautiful moment when you can tell a couple is realizing how big this moment is, and that they are taking it all in. They had written love letters to each other that they locked up in a time capsule, and by the end of the ceremony, you could tell David had been holding on to that kiss because it was big and delightful. Not to mention, I left with a present, and what a present it was! Can you really top homemade mom cookies? I don’t think so. Congratulations David and Sabrina!!! You’ve been together a long time waiting for this moment, and I’m so happy that it finally arrived. I wish you nothing but the best on all of your future adventures.

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