YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

This was a wedding week like no other. I married friends 3 weddings in a row! That’s never happened before, but I sure could get use to it. So on September 22nd I headed to the Roycroft Inn to marry a high school pal who was pretty much always too cool for school. So I think officiating this wedding really uped my street cred. Christy has always been a hilarious and open minded person, so I knew she would be marrying a stand up guy and I wasn’t wrong. From a friendship that started from a far, to a love that was definitely here and now, it was truly a perfect match. It was HOT the day of their wedding, like every day this September, and I was immediately thankful for their good judgement to have the ceremony inside where we could breath. While Dennis was chilling outside, having some beers with his friends, Christy was inside feeling a little stressed. It might have had something to do with the florist thinking the wedding was tomorrow and her leaving her future husband’s ring at home. I guess that could create some wedding day worries. But Christy is a go-with-the-flow human, and she laughed off most of the woes. And I feel because of that, the flowers made it in the nick of time, and a friend had a wedding ring that could stand in for Dennis’ real ring at home. After checking in with some old high school pals, it was time to head to the alter to await Christy’s entrance. And what an entrance it was! I’ve never seen so many people taking so many pictures. It looked like paparazzi. She was laughing by the time she got all the way down because of the sheer number. And really, the laughter never stopped. I joked a lot about Christy in high school and her relationship with Dennis, and I can tell you, this was an audience that wanted to laugh! Everyone seemed so happy and in the moment, it really felt like one of the best ceremonies I’d ever experienced. And while both of them tried to play it cool, I could see Dennis’ nervousness in his eyes and Christy couldn’t 100% make it through her vows without some tears. Of course, that was replaced with laughter as she started putting her friends ring on her husbands finger. Amazing. 10/10 would officiate again. Congratulations Dennis and Christy! I’m so glad that you asked me to be a part of this day and that the two of you found each other again. Much love always.

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