YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 18th was a really special day. I got to marry a couple of humans that I love so much. Megan is this amazing little person that, in a perfect world, I would be able to carry around with me in my pocket. And Steve is the guy I would have picked for her if she had given me control of her life. So when they planned a Monday wedding in Alleghany State Park, preceded by a weekend of camping, I was so in.
It was such a beautiful location. The leaves were just starting to change and the cabin that the reception was in was perfect. Everything looked exactly as I always pictured Megan’s wedding would look. Meg and Steve were able to spend so much time together and with friends and family, that I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have a camping weekend wedding. It was a group effort to set things up and friends were there to take photos, cook the meal, play the music and of course, officiate! Everything felt so calm and natural, that as Megan was escorted down to Steve, in her cowboy boots, everything felt right. It was a warm day and you could hear  a small creek going by alongside. But that’s when things got fun! I have front row seats to peoples emotions on their wedding  day, and Megan was cracking me up. I could see her eyes fill with tears, so then she would definitely look away and I feel almost remove herself from the moment. Then she would come back, look at Steve, her eyes would fill with tears, and she would drift again. It’s amazing! Steve was just all smiles and laughs (my favorite laugh) and by the time they took hands, I could have started crying. They kissed and everyone erupted in happy cheers! Congratulations Steve and Megan! I was so happy to be a part of your day. The two of you are meant to be (married and homesteaders) and I’m excited for all of our future double dates. Much love!


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