YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 16th was awesome because it took me to the Rapid’s Theatre in Niagara Falls for my graduate school BFF, Nichole’s wedding! We met back in library school when we were kind of freaked out by most of the other students. It was a strong bond and I was so happy when she asked me to officiate her wedding. Her and Steve are such a sweet couple, and being around them proves that oppositse can attract and can make each other super happy.
When I arrived at the Rapids Theatre, I found Nichole looking gorgeous and hanging out with her bridal party. She was so pumped! She didn’t even seem nervous. She’s a very outgoing, confident person, so once she realized Steve was the one for her, everything else that happened made perfect sense. Nothing to be nervous about! Steve was tucked away behind the stage (Rapids Theatre is an actual concert venue), and his groomsmen where calming their nerves with a bottle of whiskey. Although I’m pretty sure Steve was too laser focus to take part in any of that. Steve is a quiet guy so I wasn’t sure if he was nervous, or just his usual contemplative self. Soon enough though it was time to make our way to the stage for the ceremony to begin. It was so fun standing up their with Nichole. We smiled and joked and her and Steve looked so happy when they were looking at each other. After their sand ceremony, they came back for the first big kiss, and that’s when the real magic happened! Being a concert venue, they were equipped for pyrotechnics. So as they kissed, about a dozen went off, shooting 5 foot flames into the air. IT WAS AMAZING! And my first fire wedding. A fitting way to welcome in a new life. Congratulations Steve and Nichole. You’re a perfect pair and I’m so glad that I was able to share in your day. Best wishes always!

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