YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 2nd was an amazing day. It was bright and breezy and there wasn’t a rain cloud in the sky (foreshadowing). And at the Hotel Lafayette, everything always looks stunning. Especially the bride, Carissa. Granted when I first saw her, she was sobbing with her bridesmaids. I’m telling you, if you’ve never had a wedding day, your emotions are bananas. And Carissa was feeling the love with her friends and was so excited to be marrying the love of her life. I found Ryan hanging outside of the Lafayette’s courtyard, greeting guests and watching the space very quickly fill up. I don’t think they realized how popular they were! It seemed that every guest didn’t want to just enjoy the reception, but wanted to watch the ceremony as well. Of course if you ask me, the ceremony is the best part! 😉
As guest piled in, Ryan and I took our spots with the groomsmen to await Carissa’s entrance. And what an entrance it was! She might have still been sobbing, the love just pouring out of her as soon as she saw Ryan. I tried to distract her by making a joke, and it seemed to work and she laughed and they both focused in on the moment. And what a beautiful moment it was, out in the courtyard, until half way through when some wedding luck decided to show up. The rain started slowly, and was more of something to laugh off, but then as it increased, the speed of my voice did to! We hurried up to get to that kiss before the new Mr. & Mrs. got soaked, and I think when they look back, they will love that they had such a unique moment, and will always have a story to tell. Congratulations Ryan and Carissa! I knew it would take more than a few raindrops to ruin something as beautiful as the two of you getting married. I wish you clear skies and stories for the rest of your happy lives.


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