YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I was back at Joseph’s Catering on September 1st for Kaylee and Bryan’s wedding. September definitely welcomed in fall and it was a beautiful day. Perfect day and place to have an outdoor ceremony, but an indoor reception for when that autumn night air kicks in. Kaylee and Bryan are a wonderful couple. Together over a decade, 3 kids, and deciding the only thing that could make their life more perfect would be a wedding ceremony. And I couldn’t agree more! I found Bryan when I arrived hanging out with his youngest son as he rode around in his “here comes the bride” car. It was wonderful. He seemed excited for the ceremony to start, and when I found Kaylee, she was the exact same way. All smiles! Everything was running smoothly, so soon enough Bryan and I headed outside with his groomsmen and waiting for Kaylee to make her appearance. Bryan hadn’t seen her yet so he kept asking when he could look. It was very cute how much he wanted to see her, and yet how much he didn’t want to see her too soon! She finally made her way out to him and they looked so happy to see each other. I’m sure having their kids all around them was a beautiful feeling. I talked about how happy everyone there was for this moment, and it felt like time flew by because soon enough  they were lip locked! Congratulations Bryan and Kaylee! You’ve been each others family for so long, but you wanted to find a way to be even closer. I wish you and your family all the best, for all time!


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