YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On September 3rd I headed back to the Avanti Mansion for the extra special day of Holly and Resse’s wedding! I’m pretty sure they wanted to be happily married before a new Bills season started so they could lean on their spouse for support! Really though, they are huge football fans and Reese’s Bills bow tie pretty much proved that. After being together for 7 years, they both seemed very excited, but not nervous about this moment. Obvious best friends who are ready to tell each other how they feel and then party with their best people. Holly looked beautiful when I first found her and Reese was just plain excited. He was joking around with his groomsmen and seemed eager for the moment to begin. We finally took the long walk down to the ceremony island, and there was laughter and joking from his groomsmen, which kept Reese calm and happy…until Holly appeased! He had tears in his eyes and they looked so happy to see each other. There are so many weddings I do where I have no idea if the couple has done a first look or not, and honestly I don’t think it matters since I can’t tell! Even if they’ve seen each other beforehand, when you are walking down the aisle towards your future husband, or watching your wife walk towards you, it’s a brand new moment and emotions are heightened! They took hands when they made their way down, and then they started to look a little nervous. That’s a lot of people staring back at you! But they made it through the readings from their family, their vows, and me making fun of the Bills, all in good fun! They grabbed each other for that first kiss and the rest is history! Congratulations Reese and Holly! You are a couple that was made for each other and I know you have many happy seasons years together! Much love!

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