YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Here’s to marrying siblings! I was so excited when Ellie first contacted me, because I had married her sister Marion a year or so before and therefore I #1: knew she liked her sister’s ceremony and #2: maybe I’d be considered family now and get to share in Christmas! All jokes aside, August 25th was a beautiful day at Joseph’s Catering. The outside area was bright and clean and the inside was covered in white string lights. It really looked magical. Plus, they had Harney & Sons tea tins on their tables, which I also used in my wedding centerpieces, so I loved that!
When I first arrived I checked in with the couple to make sure everything was going perfectly. Marion was just buttoning up Ellie’s dress and Ellie looked stunning. Brendon looked nervous, but also handsome. I knew they were both excited for the moment. After guests headed outside, we lined up and got ready to start the event. Brendon and his groomsmen made their way out, and we watched the bridesmaids and flower girls walk out. And finally Ellie stepped out, and at that moment Brendon looked so happy! They were very sweet to each other, holding hands and smiling, and their vows were amazing. It was one of those moments where I felt myself tearing up, and I had to really focus on something else so I didn’t lose it. Those are powerful words! They looked happiest when it was time to kiss and be pronounced husband and wife. Congratulations Brendon and Ellie! It was obvious from the moment I met you that you’re perfect for each other and will have a happy, tractor filled life together! Best wishes always.


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