YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Yay for weddings in a brand new spot! Those are always super exciting when I get to check out a new place and see what they’re all about. So I was really excited on August 19th to end up at the Ellicottville Brewing Company! What a super cool spot to have a wedding. It was simple and beautiful upstairs, over the brewery and restaurant, and when you looked down you could see all the machinery that brings your delicious beer. Really a win win. I got there a little early so I could have a look around, and I was really pumped for this thing to start. Soon Katie and Adam arrived and they were both super cute and happy, definitely excited, and perhaps a wee bit nervous. There was nervous chatter with family and the wedding party, checking to make sure things were going smoothly, making sure guests were taking their seats, and making sure everyone’s dress was where it should be (hilarious bridesmaid mishap). Still, through it all, Katie and Adam would smile at each other and kept ending up at each others side. Things aren’t that stressful when you have your best friend beside you. I was ready to go when the time came, and I headed out with Adam as we waited for Katie to make her entrance. Even though they had seen each other beforehand, the look on Adam’s face was like he was seeing his bride for the first time. They smiled and took hands and from that point on were laughs and squeezes and wet eyes. I really did feel like I was marrying some friends and had a real moment of thanks for landing such an amazing gig in life. Finally it was kiss time, followed by wipe-lipstick-off-of-your-groom time. Congratulations Adam and Katie! You two were such a joy to be around and I was honored to be part of your day. Also, thanks for emailing me after the ceremony and saying such nice stuff. All my love!

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