YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 18th was stunning. Windy as all heck, but gorgeous none the less. Especially at Woodcliff Hotel and Spa in Fairport. The view was unbelievable! I don’t know how you people continue to find these beautiful and unique spots to get married. I’m constantly amazed! When I arrived I found Kelly in her stunning suite, getting ready with bridesmaids and looking super excited. Ryan was outside with his groomsmen, making sure that everything was all set and would be perfect for when Kelly made her way out. They are such a lovely and genuine couple, and I felt very lucky to be sharing in their day. We were a bit worried about blowing away due to some high winds, but some teamwork (explained later) made everything go smoothly. Soon enough it was time to line up and walk out in front of guests. The most adorable part was when Ryan’s son walked out trying so very hard to blow bubbles, which is no small task on a windy day. He kept wiping his face as soapy water blew back onto him. So cute!
Then we saw Kelly and she looked gorgeous and was smiling from ear to ear. They grabbed onto each other and we began. They were constantly smiling and laughing and our teamwork kicked in when they helped me turn my script pages so they wouldn’t blow away, and I held the microphone for them so they could hold onto their vows (and because of the shaking of course :)) which were so meaningful and touching.
Finally, it was time for that big kiss and they were husband and wife! Congratulations Ryan and Kelly. You truly are a beautiful couple and you had a day fitting of your relationship. Much love always!

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