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because simple is beautiful

Happy, happy August 12th! I gushed in my last post about how it was my one year wedding anniversary, but more amazing is that it was Amanda and Daniel’s wedding day. And of course, that they were having their wedding exactly where I did! So they kindly let me bring my husband along to The Red House where we celebrated our similar minds! It was a beautiful day and everything looked amazing in the old barn. I found Daniel who was very excited and was lucky enough to meet parents who were just as stunned that their soon to be married children had found me on this exact date. I really felt like I was friends with the whole family! When I found Amanda I was almost speechless because of how beautiful her dress was. Definitely one of my all time favorites. She was just as excited to get the show on the road. They are an amazing couple and I was honored to be a part of their day. Plus, they let me lurk around and check out the things they did differently 😉
Soon enough, I was standing under some gorgeous trees and Daniel and Amanda made their way out. They looked so happy to see each other and I realized that this was the first time that day. A lot of people do first looks, so I forget that for some couples this is the big moment. And it was beautiful. They had their favorite people give meaningful readings, and their vows were very special. One of my favorite moments was Dan asking me to hold the microphone for him because his hands were shaking so badly. I’m really lucky to catch all of these moments that not all guests get to hear. Finally they took hands and I wished them well from me and all their guests, and they embraced and locked lips in the most fantastic of all kisses! Congratulations Daniel and Amanda! I’m so glad you let me celebrate my anniversary along with your wedding day. We couldn’t have been happier and the two of you couldn’t have been more magical. Here’s to many more years together, and maybe a duel celebration again in our future. Best wishes always.

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