YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

How much do I like Genelle and Tim? Enough to drive 5 hours to their gorgeous wedding at the Roxbury Barn in Roxbury, NY! I couldn’t have found a better way to spend May 27th then in a magical, wooden wonderland that was their wedding. When I first arrived there were golf carts to drive you around since the land was so expansive. There was the barn for the reception, the open field cocktail hour, and the hidden wooden ceremony spot. I really felt like I was in Narnia! Genelle and Tim looked beautiful and were ready for the moment to begin. Since 2017 loves rain, I was nervous when a few drops started to fall, but it cleared up about 5 minutes later leaving nothing but beauty. After making sure everyone had arrived, Genelle and Tim turned away from each other. No more looking at one another until they were at the alter. And it was enough to make the moment extra special because when Genelle came walking up the path, Tim had tears in his eyes like he was seeing her for the first time. They gathered close and took extra deep breaths before their vows since they were worried they would never be able to get through them. Genelle joked that she had to go first since Tim’s vows were so good, but her’s were just as moving and it was such a beautiful and intimate moment between the two of them. Still, they both made an adorable face of shock when I finally pronounced them husband and wife. It’s a crazy thing to hear for the first time! And that’s why a crazy big kiss should always follow. Congratulations Tim and Genelle. You were obviously made for each other and I know you’ll have nothing but blue skies ahead of you. Much love!



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