YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 3rd was perfection. There was gorgeous weather and and I couldn’t think of anywhere I would have rather been that at an outdoor wedding. And at Kloc’s Grove I’m never disappointed. There was high energy when I arrived. Guests were very excited and happily chatting, hugging, laughing, and waiting for the big moment. Nikole was beautiful and calm, so I found Mark who was no less handsome, but perhaps a bit more nervous. It really is a lot to have all those eyes on you for 20 minutes. After following around the cutest little flower girls and laughing at their antics, it was time to head to the alter for the “I do’s” to begin. Nikole and Mark hadn’t seen each other all day, and both of their faces were priceless when they finally did. They immediately embraced and kissed, unable to wait until the end of the ceremony. They were very connected during the ceremony. Looking from each other to me, taking in the words and I think really taking in the moment. They added their wine and love letters to an anniversary box, and seemed to get more giddy as they knew the ceremony was wrapping up. It’s hard not to knowing that in a moment, you’ll be kissing as Mr. & Mrs., or as in this case, Dr. & Dr.!!! Congratulations Mark and Nikole. You’ve always been there for each other and that is what keeps you strong and in love. I know there is nothing but happiness in your future. Best wishes!

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