YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Of course it rained on May 6th. It can’t seem to stop raining. But that didn’t matter inside the always stunning Asbury Hall for another breathtaking wedding. This time Taaliba and Joe (and their party-going pup) stayed close to each other as the minutes ticked by to their big moment. Everything looked perfect, but that didn’t stop them from looking nervous and asking questions of their wedding party about how things were looking upstairs as they hid out down below. I knew they were mostly excited for this moment since they are a perfect pair who could have been married years ago. I mostly figured that out as I was holding back tears during their vows, but more on that later. Soon enough their guests all gathered out of the rain and into the venue and waited for the couple to make their way down the aisle. Joe was instant tears when he reached the alter and I knew then how moving this wedding was going to be. After the party came up (on two legs and four) it was time for Taaliba and Joe to look into each others eyes, and try really hard not to cry. There was mild success. Especially after their incredibly beautiful and moving vows. They really poured their heart out to each other. After closing the box on their Wine/Love Letter Ceremony, they came back to each other to hold hands and kiss as husband and wife. What a day! Congratulations Joe & Taaliba. I’m so honored I was able to spend this moment with you and I wish you nothing but happiness in your future. Much Love! And sorry about the eyes, Joe!

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