YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 5th was an exciting day because it was another wedding day! Of course the rain was on its usual mission to mess stuff up, but Jen and Bryan didn’t blink and eye at the bad weather. At Kotecki’s Grove, they just moved the party inside and onto a gorgeous staircase. I don’t think it could have looked any nicer if it was outside. It was truly perfect. Bryan is a bit of a self-proclaimed worry wart. He kept checking in to make sure everything was all set, but it just adds to his charm and shows how much he cared about Jen having a perfect day. When I first got there, the guy were celebrating together. They all seemed very happy for their friend. My favorite part was when all the guys got together and gave what looked like a pep talk to Bryan. It was hilarious because it looked like a football huddle with suits. Jen her bridesmaids were ready to go, and soon enough it was time for them to meet on the grand staircase. They were both hilarious. They kept making jokes to each other and faces and eyes, and at one point Jen said something so hilarious and a bit naughty, that her maid of honor and myself burst out laughing. I really loved this couple. They said their beautiful vows to each other and then did a tree planting ceremony, welcoming a new tree that would follow them home. Before you knew it, it was time to kiss and declare them husband and wife! Congratulations Bryan and Jen! You already know you were made for each other, but know that I was incredibly happy to be a part of your day. Best wishes!

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