YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 21st was a cold, rainy day, but Megan could only see the sunshine coming from this amazing moment. She was going to marry John and she didn’t care about some silly chill. At Glen Oak Golf Course she knew she wanted to say her I do’s under the gazebo with the wind at her back. You have to admire a girl with such convictions! And I think guests appreciated a 15 minute ceremony 😉
I checked in with the couple when I arrived and they were eager to get things started. Everything looked lovely inside and although I mentioned it was cold outside, there was a lovely backdrop that anyone would have wanted. After guests gathered outside, huddled together, you could tell they no longer noticed the cold once Megan began her descent downstairs. She looked beautiful and you instantly remember, this is why you’re here. To watch to people who love each other to celebrate that love with a marriage ceremony! The held each other’s hands and were full of nervous laughter as the ceremony went on. They may have had guests gathered all around them, but they only noticed each other. They had a sand ceremony which was amazing because it was in a frame with a picture of them. And Megan’s sand ended up on top, which I’m sorry, but I love! The rain held off for them long enough to grab each other and go in for that big kiss. Congratulations John and Megan! I think you always knew you’d end up here, and I’m so happy everything was just as you wanted it. I wish you nothing but happiness for your long lives together!


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