YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 8th was a day to get married. Lovely spring day and beautiful inside the Tonawanda Castle for Annemarie and Jared’s wedding. They were super excited when I got there. I really couldn’t wait for the ceremony to start because I knew how much they were going to love the moment. They were getting some photos taken and just kept looking at each other and smiling and I knew it was a special moment. Friends and family were gathering, and after most people had a little greeting drink, they looked ready to go. Jared and I headed to the front, and he nervously looked down the aisle for his groomsmen to join him and eventually his bride. The show of course stopped for a minute when two adorable flower girls slowly made their way down, throwing pedals in the way that only little humans can do. It was hilarious and I think it helped Jared relax, and Annemarie because she started her walk laughing. They looked so happy to join each other and really seemed to take in everything I was saying. After their sand ceremony they knew  this wonderful yet kinda stressful moment was ending, so they grabbed hands and smiled until the end! Also, their cakes made me laugh aloud, so kudos to that. Congratulations Jared & Annemarie! I’m so happy you found each other and so are the hundreds of shelter animals you work with. I wish you nothing but the best in your long life together!



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