YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Enough with this chilly spring already! You are annoying my couples and their guests. Curse having 4 amazing seasons. On April 28th it was another chilly and rainy day, but it did the best it could for Kayla and Peter so that they could have their wedding outdoors in front of the beautiful gazebo at Michael’s Catering and Banquets. People were excitedly gathering in the lobby, and I sneaked upstairs to visit with Kayla and gawk over how beautiful she looked. She was also flanked by two of the cutest flower girls, so I was immediately in the marrying mood! Peter was downstairs greeting guests and laughing with his groomsmen. He seemed very happy and confident with what was about to happen. After people had their fill of photos with Peter, guests began to take their seats outside awaiting Kayla’s entrance.  Peter started to seem a little nervous then. Like, everything hit him at once! It’s a good thing the adorable flower girls starting throwing their petals around, because everyone laughed and Peter seemed to relax. Then Kayla walked down the aisle and into Peter’s hands. They really are a lovely couple, and with light tears in their eyes, they began their ceremony, smiling, laughing, and looking lost in a faint love glow. And I had one of my all time favorite wedding moments! Just as I mentioned how they will end up wiping tears from each others eyes over their years together, a tear fell down Kayla’s face, and Peter wiped it away. That’s it for me! Love overload! They finally were able to kiss and gave each other that look that you can only catch at wedding’s when a couple realizes that such an amazing thing just happened. Congratulations Peter and Kayla! I’m so happy to have been a part of your day and I know you have nothing but happiness in your future! Much love!

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