YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

March 31st might have ended the month, but it began a new life for Shelby and Bill. After being together for many years and creating two beautiful little girls, they decided to make it official at The Columns Banquets. I met Shelby through an old friend of mine, and I’m so happy he introduced us! What an amazing couple. I was very excited to join them on their big day. Guests piled in as Shelby hid out with her bridesmaids, putting on the finishing touches. I walked in on a friend fastening her shoes for her. True friendship. Bill was in the banquet room checking things over and mostly doing a bit of nervous pacing. He said he had felt fine all day, but now that we were 15 minutes out, the nerves were starting to show. Soon it was time to head up front and wait for his bride to meet him. I think he felt better once he saw her and they were finally face to face. And of course there was laughter as their youngest daughter made it clear she wasn’t loving all of this nonsense such as walking down an aisle and then sitting quietly. Shelby and Bill did their vows and of course looked thrilled when it was time to finally kiss as husband and wife. Immediately afterwards they went into a room by themselves to take a moment to process what had happened with only each other. I really loved the idea and think that could be good for all couples. Just press pause and look at each other and let it sink in what an amazing thing that just happened! Congratulations Bill and Shelby! You’re a perfect pair and I know your home will continue to be full of love and happiness. Best wishes always.

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