YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

The first wedding of a new season is always a special one, and I couldn’t have been happier than to share it with Matthew and Fabian on March 25th! A beautiful couple that I liked from the moment I met them and I was thrilled that Matthew’s mom found me. At the 20th Century Club, or as I’m now referring to it, Buffalo’s Best Kept Secret, they waited with their guests for the moment to arrive. It was a very intimate affair with no more than 30 guests, and it felt perfect for this couple. They’ve had a busy relationship with Fabian living in Germany for some of it, so between lots of travel and phone calls and long nights apart, they wanted something simple yet beautiful for their wedding. And that’s my literal motto! They both looked dapper in their tuxedos and were definitely full of nerves. The planner at the venue made sure they had a drink to calm down, and I think the gin did them good. Soon though it was time to head upstairs to make it official. They were still very nervous, but I knew once it started, and they stood there looking at each other, it would all come into place and the nerves would leave for feelings of completeness. And I watched that happen before my eyes! After their beautiful vows to each other, and Matthew’s friend and Fabian’s brother coming up to sign the marriage license during the ceremony (German tradition), it was time to kiss and be wed! Congratulations Fabian & Matthew! I’m so happy that an airline strike brought you to each other and I wish you nothing but happiness. Much love forever!

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