YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On September 23rd they kept calling for rain, but it wasn’t falling so I wasn’t worried. When I arrived at Banchetti by Rizzo’s, I felt pretty good that those rain clouds were just for show and would soon enough blow away, but as soon as I stepped out of the car and up to the lovely Christie, the rain decided it would like to make an appearance and came pouring down. Christie’s face looked devastated, but I let her know I was having a very good streak this year of rain right before the ceremony, and then clearing up for the big outdoor moment. And my magic held! Soon enough the rain stopped and they were able to wipe down chairs and move over a tent for emergencies. Talk about real wedding day luck! Dave was hanging out with guests, and was definitely focused on everything being perfect for Christie. I love seeing the grooms a little worried. It’s the look of love! Once the rain stopped, it felt wonderful outside and couldn’t be a better temperature for a wedding. So Dave and I made our way to the gazebo and watched as the wedding party made their way to stand by their closest friends. It’s really fantastic watching the party walk up because they always look so happy to be included in such a big moment. Then Christie made it to Dave and they looked at each other with laughter in their eyes and got married! I think people don’t really realize it’s such a big moment until you’re standing across from the person you love, and leaning in to give them your first married kiss! Congratulations David and Christie! You’re an amazing couple and I’m so happy I got to spend (a dry) evening with you. And it was nice seeing you the next day as well 😉 Best wishes always!

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