YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I was lucky enough to spend September 17th in one of the coolest wedding venues I’ve ever seen. The Genesee Country Village & Museum is kind of its own little world, with different historic villages mixed together. It was the perfect place for a unique, and fun couple, and that’s exactly who Michelle and Stephen are. After riding a golf cart through the village, I found Michelle getting ready with her bridesmaids, already glowing! I explored the land a bit and found Stephen, looking just as excited as Michelle for the moment to begin. Besides the fantastic buildings, beautiful greenery, and harp player, it really was a stunning environment. There were definitely some rain clouds threatening to put a damper on the moment, but everyone was moving as quickly as they could so that we could start on time and beat the rain. Groomsmen dried off chairs, and guests handed out boutineers and soon enough, it was time to start. Nothing could stop this magical moment from taking place, not even me falling off a golf cart and landing in some muddy gravel. All in a clumsy person’s days work. After wiping down, I headed up to the alter with Stephen to await their large bridal party, who smiled the whole way down the aisle (and possible slapped Stephen’s butt a lot). Soon Michelle made her entrance, and she looking stunning and I watched tears immediately fill Stephen’s eyes. These moments make me feel so happy, I feel like I’ve know this couple my whole life and I can’t wait for them to be married! After their vows and rings and the watering of a tree that they will plant together at their home, it was time to kiss and be married! Congratulations Stephen and Michelle! It was a perfect place and day for a perfect couple and I’m glad I got to share it with you. Much love always.

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