YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Maggie and Eddie are adorable. I think when I first met them and sat down at the table, I wondered to myself if they matched each other. After sitting and talking with them for 5 minutes, it was very clear that they do. Actually, they are perfect for each other! And on September 30th at the Burchfield Nature and Art Center, they decided to take that perfect relationship one step further and get married! The forecast was making them nervous since it called for rain and they were getting married outside in the open, but when the time came it was gorgeous. All sunshine and soft breezes and you could tell it took a weight off their shoulders and replaced it with a smile on their faces. Their wedding party was having a great time. It was a lot of laughter and jokes and everyone was so keyed up for the moment to begin. Not to mention it was such a beautiful spot that no matter where you were, you were in a sort of magical place. After guests gathered around the stone amphitheater, Eddie and I made our way up with his groomsmen to await Maggie’s entrance. She looked stunning when she did and in that moment I saw both of their nerves kick it. Even if you see each other before the ceremony, I don’t think it takes away from the moment at all. As you are standing or walking towards the person you’re going to marry, it’s like you’re seeing them for the first time, because you’ve never seen them in that light. They smiled and laughed during the ceremony, and were troopers when an endless motorcade of police cars seems to drive by, sirens blaring during the entire ceremony. At least I told them, when they hear sirens in the future they can be reminded of their day! Soon enough it was time to kiss and you could see the joy in their eyes knowing they were Mr. & Mrs. Congratulations Eddie and Maggie! I see nothing but happiness in your future and I’m so happy I was able to share this moment with you. Happiness always!


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