YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It’s hard to top a beautiful late summer drive to Ithaca NY, but following it up with a beautiful wedding sure gets the job done! On August 27th I went to the amazing Firelight Camps to spend the afternoon with Eloisa and Thomas for their big day. It was another scorcher, but you didn’t mind as much since there were trees to shade you and so much to look at it! I was a truly unique spot and I’m not sure how they ever found it! When I got there, things may have been running a bit behind. I say that because Thomas was still in the shower! Although it’s hilarious that Eloisa was deep into getting ready, Thomas was only in the shower, and he still finished up before she did. Being a bride is no joke.
Thomas was finishing up some last minute touches, getting the rose petals on the grass for Eloisa to walk on, getting the dirt from their engagement spot to sprinkle on there unity ceremony tree they were planting. And of course, finding out how Eloisa was feeling. I checked in with her and she was definitely ready! She was incredibly excited and kept saying, “I’m so ready to marry this man!” Finally, after guests were gathered, family members were dialed into skype, and the couple was ready, they headed down the aisle to greet each other for the first time that day. They looked beautiful and happy and I think Eloisa told Thomas she loved him about half a dozen times throughout the ceremony. I’m lucky to have a front row seat to these moments, because I’m not sure anyone can see all the magical moments that pass between a couple. Soon enough they were husband and wife and it was time to celebrate! Congratulations Thomas and Eloisa. After all of those years together you can now hold the hand of your husband or wife and know that the journey led to something incredibly special. Best wishes always!

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