YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 20th was another hot one, but there was a breeze to go along with your sunshine down at the Niawanda Park. Shauna looked radiant as she hid in the back of the pavilion watching guests arrive. People kept trying to sneak a peek, but were happy enough to congratulate Andrew after he showed up. I have to say he looked down right adorable, but I have a real soft spot for newsboy hats. I could tell they were both ready for the moment, so I began to usher people outside and around the alter. That was easier said than done! It was sunny outside and you couldn’t really catch any shade by the alter. The only shade was off to the side and that’s where everyone ended up gathering! I think once they realized they could see and hear the whole thing from the shade, there was no reason to be front and center. It was kind of a nice effect for Shauna and Andrew as well, because while they were technically surrounded by friends and family, if they looked straight out it seemed like an intimate affair with just them and their party. They didn’t seem to notice the heat as much as they smiled at each other and focused on not crying. There were boats breezing past in the background and it was a truly spectacular moment. After using a little early marriage teamwork getting those rings and very hot and swollen fingers, they raced into the first kiss as I pronounced them husband and wife. Congratulations Andrew and Shauna! I’m so happy to have been a part of your day (and your next day 😉 ) and to have shared in such a lovely moment with such lovely people. Best wishes always!

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