YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I just love weddings! And on September 3rd at Kotecki’s, I knew that I was in the right spot when I was greeted at the door by “ring security” (check out his photo below). I love how every wedding is just different enough to see the couples’ personalities comes out, and every one of them is exciting in its own way. I found Rachael right away, hiding behind a wall, trying to peek out at what was happening and not be seen. It didn’t seem like an easy task, but her bridesmaids were there to run around for her and make sure that she was happy on her big day. When I found Joe, he looked a bit more nervous than Rachael. I think he was ready to get started so that the pressure of this moment would release a bit and he could finally exhale. It was another hot one (literally all of them, all summer), but guests didn’t seem to mind the sun, and were eager enough to head out to their seats without any prompting, I think perfectly ready for the moment to happen. I walked out with Joe, and although we were a little blinded by the sun, he made sure that he would have a perfect view of Rachael when she came out. And he’s lucky he did because she looked beautiful! Their vows were lovely and heartfelt and you could feel what a powerful moment this was between the two of them. There were some tears, but more smiles, and of course an even bigger kiss. Congratulations Joe and Rachael! It’s been a long time coming and it wasn’t hard to see that the two of you are meant for each other. Thanks for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!


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