YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Now this is how you do a German wedding! At the Spring Garden in East Aurora, Marion and Matt celebrated their day with beer steins & lederhosen! It was a truly original wedding for a truly original couple. When I first arrived Marion was hiding out with her girls, putting the last minute touches on and waiting for Matt. Guests were gathered around the band watching them play alphorns and looking totally amazed. It was a really fun environment and I was excited for the festivities to begin. We just had to wait for Matt and his groomsmen to get there…which they did…a little bit late. That’s how you know you’re marrying the right woman! When you show up late for your own wedding, and she’s still super excited to marry you! Marion and Matt are very close to their family, and had 5 readings throughout the ceremony, wanting to let anyone who wanted to speak have a moment to share their love. There were even a couple original pieces! It was truly lovely and although when they kiss is my favorite part, I was a little disappointed knowing that the ceremony was over. Luckily, their happy life as husband and wife was just beginning! Congratulations Matt & Marion. I know how happy you already make each other and will continue to do so over the years. Best wishes that those years are long and good.

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