YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 18th was a perfect day for a perfect couple. At Banchetti’s I met with David and his groomsmen as they greeted guests and waited for Crystal and her girls to arrive. David was definitely nervous and it was no secret that’s he’s not crazy about standing in front of a group of people…let alone family…let alone as he declares his love! But he was doing a very good job of holding it together, realizing that it was such a special moment, he could be anxious and excited at the same time! Soon enough Crystal arrived and looked just radiant. I could tell she was also nervous, but very ready to marry David. They are such a good match that I was happy to be the one to join them. After we waited a bit more for guests, I headed up front with David to get this show on the road! Crystal was escorted down, and I could see her nerves kick in. She would look at David, but shyly look back down. I feel like I have a great spot to see all of these authentic reactions. People never know how they are going to feel in the moment. So they held hands and smiled as they lit their candles for their unity candle ceremony, and lovingly embraced when they knew they were husband and wife. Congratulations David & Crystal! It was such a beautiful day and I know there is so much love and happiness in your future. I wish you a lifetime of joy!

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