YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

If you’ve never been to Beaver Island State Park in Grand Island, you need to remedy that. It’s a beautiful place to swim, have a picnic, and of course, get married! On July 3rd Kayla and Jim decided just that, after many happy years together and one adorable daughter, they would have their moment in the sunshine. And that they did because it was such a beautiful day full of sunshine. I saw them both immediately when I arrived and honestly, they didn’t look nervous at all. They were already having a good time together and this was just an extra special day for them. I’m pretty sure that’s how they always are. Guests quickly gathered, enjoying the view and excited for this moment to finally be happening. Jim and I made our way to the front and I think he had a hint of nerves sneak up on him. As soon as little Cecilia began her adorable walk up the aisle though, his nerves fell away and he was all smiles for his little lady. Kayla, looking beautiful, joined him shortly after and their little family was complete, as they stood together vowing to continue loving each other and their family as they had been. Of course now it’s a tad bit more special because they are husband and wife! They held hands (and Cecilia) and promised their love in front of friends and family, and I have to admit I had as big a smile as the guests when their kiss finally came. Congratulations Jim and Kayla! I’m so happy you found me and that I was able to witness such a beautiful moment. Best wishes to your family and may your life be filled with only joy!

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