YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 10th was a sweet day full of sweet people. I liked Kelly and Tim from the moment I met them, so I was very excited to be at the Hotel Lafayette to spend part of their wedding with them. It was a lovely day, especially out on the courtyard under the string lights. Kelly and Tim were hiding out together, and seemed very happy and excited for the moment to arrive. At one point I asked Tim a question about if they wanted a microphone, and he immediately asked Kelly what she wanted, leaving their friends and family who were around them to laugh and tell him that he was already doing marriage correctly!
After guests took a Buffalo flag to wave in celebration for the couple, they took their seats and excitedly waited for the couple to arrive. Tim and I came out first, and he had a nervous sway going on standing in front of all those guests, waiting for Kelly to take that long walk down to him. But when she did, he absolutely lit up, and they took hands and seemed to immediately enter their own world. I think they may have heard some of their ceremony, but for the most part I could tell they were only noticing each other, making each other laugh, and squeezing hands. It’s their day so how else should it be?! Their hands shook as they put their rings on, but were completely confident as they kissed and the courtyard filled with waving flags of joy! Congratulations Tim & Kelly! I know you’ve been so happy together so far and I also know that there will be nothing but happiness in years to come. Best wishes always!

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