YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 4th at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Hall was the place to be! It was a beautiful day outside, and inside was the perfect environment to get married. It was lovely, full of happy people, and covered in flowers. Can’t beat that! I waited inside with Aaron, while Kayla and her girls were hiding out in a bus in front, eagerly waiting for guests to find their spot so they could get inside. While Aaron’s groomsmen sort of mingled around, Aaron hung out in the back, I think taken a bit with nervous jitters. And considering how beautiful Michaela looked, I knew he was going to be blown away when she stepped inside, so I figured a little relaxing now was probably for the best. Soon enough, everyone took their places, and Aaron watched the bridesmaids make their way to the front, knowing soon enough it would be time! And then Kayla stepped out, and I think there was a collective gasp from her guests. She looked wonderful and Aaron was all smiles. She made her way to his side and the nervously took hands and I could tell they weren’t sure exactly what they should be doing. Those moments are extra cute for me. They had wonderful readings and I think after that, they realized how special this moment was and found their comfort. Then it was all smiles and looking into each others eyes and the biggest smiles of all, which is right before I tell them it’s time to kiss! Congratulations Aaron and Kayla! It was an honor to be a part of your day and I know the two of you will continue to have a full and happy life together!



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