YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; HayLoft in the Grove is seriously amazing. One of the most beautiful places in this area to be married at! I was lucky enough to be there again on May 29th to celebrate a very special day with Christi and Jeremy. I knew they were excited because all of that energy came through at their rehearsal, along with a little nervousness that it was going to rain on their day and push them indoors. But lucky ducks they are, it was a stunning Sunday and when I arrived, guest were gathered in the sunshine, and groomsmen were nervously and albeit helpfully picking lint off Jeremy, while Christi was posing for pictures with her adorable son Brayden. Everyone around them seemed so happy and excited to spend the day with the couple, outside, and partying! Jeremy definitely wanted everything to be perfect for Christi, so he seemed a little anxious as we headed up the alter. He kept checking to make sure everything was just right, and that they would have an ideal moment together. And that’s exactly what they got! Christi walked up to him and once they looked into each others eyes, they realized nothing else that was happening in that moment mattered except this one. Even Brayden, who wasn’t thrilled as a little fella to be walking around all dressed up, was perfectly behaved and seemed truly interested in the moment! After their wine/love letter box, where they sealed up love letters they’ve written to each other and a bottle of wine for their first anniversary, it was time to come back for the big kiss…now as husband and wife! Congratulations Jeremy & Christi. You’ve know each other a long time and it’s clear you’re excited to know each other for much longer…like the rest of your lives! I wish you nothing but happiness!


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