YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I was lucky enough to spend May 6th at the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure for Nikki & C.J.’s wedding!  A truly adorable couple, I knew this was going to fun as soon as I noticed all the cowboy boots. Especially Nikki’s as she hung out on a big bed, boots out! Everyone seemed very excited, and perhaps C.J. was a little nervous, but his excitement overpowered that. It was a bit breezy out that day, Nikki mentioned that they almost blew over during photos, but that wasn’t stopping anyone from making this the most perfect day. C.J. and I headed out to the little island where they were to be married, and we passed swans and ducks on the way. It’s the perfect environment if you want to be surrounded by animals on your big day! Soon, Nikki made her way out with literally, the biggest smile I think I’ve seen. And one of the biggest cases of the giggles. A wedding ceremony is a hugely emotional moment. You’re standing with the one you love, in front of everyone you know, for this very serious and heartfelt moment. And pretty much once a giant goose starts bellowing, you can’t help but crack up. And that’s exactly what happened to Nikki. And of course, then all the guests start as well! Moments like that are why I do this. They are impromptu and wonderful and leaves a couple with a moment they’ll never forget!
After their vows and rings, Nikki and C.J. took part in a unity ceremony which was unique to them which involved none other than beer. They combined two beers to make their own unique brew, and then shared a glass as an early celebration of becoming husband and wife. After that, it was time for the kiss and the real celebration to begin! Congratulations Nikki & C.J.! I’m so glad I was able to be a part of such of a fun day! Much love!

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