YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 7th was a lovely day, especially for Kathysue and Louis, who I don’t think could have possibly been happier. At Samuel’s Grande Manor they were both soooo ready for the moment to begin, and their new lives to start as husband and wife. Kathysue hid from Louis with her daughters, as he greeted guests with his son, continually looking to the door even though he knew she wouldn’t be coming in just yet. He couldn’t hide his excitement! As guests gathered in the early afternoon, everyone seemed to know that they were about to witness a special moment, just as I knew I was sharing in one. As Louis gathered himself up and stepped to the alter, it was time to Kathysue to make her appearance. They seemed a little shy to have all this attention on them, so they chose to face me during the ceremony, maybe so they wouldn’t notice how many eyes were on them. Then came the vows. They wrote their own, in a back and forth set-up, and didn’t hold back! There were sweet bits, funny bits, and straight up naughty bits that their guests laughed at, probably not expecting any less from this couple. I think they were most happy when it was time to kiss and step out of the limelight and into their new life as The Fringos. Congratulations Louis and Kathysue! You knew from the first time you spoke that this was your human, and I couldn’t be happier that you found each other. To a lifetime of happiness!

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