YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

What a way to end a month! On April 30th I had the pleasure of visiting the Hotel Lafayette again for another beautiful wedding. This time it was Brittany and Matthew’s turn. And after sooo many years together, and two amazing children, they knew that this was the perfect time to say their “I do’s.”
Guests gathered outside in the courtyard on a perfect spring evening, anticipating a magical moment between the couple. As Brittany finished getting ready, Matthew hung out with his groomsmen and his “mini-me” aka adorable son, and joked and laughed about all things. I loved seeing how giddy people get on their wedding day. They may say it’s not a big deal, but their body language tells a different story. They are pumped! There was a short delay waiting for guests to arrive and Matthew kept apologizing for the disorganization. That made me laugh out loud because this wedding was running smoothly. He has no idea the things I’ve seen! Also, no wedding starts on time, so don’t let that ever be a things that worries you. I’ve consider it the new wedding good luck, like rain on the big day. Eventually it was time to go, and Matthew, his groomsmen and I headed to the front to wait for Brittany to make her entrance. After their cutie pie kids came out as ring bearer and bridesmaid, Brittany made her stunning entrance. They looked happy to see each other and maybe a little embarrassed by the crowd hanging on their every word. But they made it through without crying (or laughing too much) and looked ecstatic as I announced them married! Congratulations Brittany & Matthew! You knew from the minute you met that this amazing and hilarious person was your human for life, and I’m happy that I was able to be a part of it. Much love!

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