YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 23rd was amazing in a couple ways. I got to revisit with a lovely couple I married in the past (and meet their new budding family) and I got to marry someone else in the family! Shannon and Ryan were ready for this moment, which I think they knew the minute they met each other. I know that when I met them, I had zero doubts that they were meant to me. At the always lovely Hotel Lafayette, I found Ryan roaming with his groomsmen, checking out all the last minute things so that Shannon wouldn’t have any worries when she walked out. With a single violin playing in the corner of a gorgeous white washed room, it was the perfect atmosphere. By the time Shannon came out, everyone was hushed and anticipating the moment, especially Ryan who was all smiles. Finally they were hand in hand and I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice the beautiful room or anything I was saying. They seemed to be completely focused on each other! They said their vows and happily melted into that first kiss as husband and wife. Congratulations Ryan and Shannon! I’m so glad that you found each other and that your sister found me Shannon! Best wishes for a happy and long life together!

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