YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 10th wasn’t sure if it wanted to be spring or winter, but inside the Barton Hill Hotel, it was all sunshine. I was excited to perform a wedding at a new place that I had never seen before, and it was just lovely inside. I went upstairs to visit with Caitlin (and her dog!) and see just how excited she was. She was ready for the moment to begin. She knew that marrying Shawn was a brilliant thing to do, and even her nerves couldn’t slow her down. Next I found Shawn, hanging out with his groomsmen and repeatedly looking at the door for what I assume was Caitlin so they could start their married life together. After a bit of waiting, it was time, and we took our places as Caitlin made her way down the aisle, right after her sweet pup of course. She saw Shawn and immediately planted a big kiss on him! Talk about not being able to wait! It was such a cute gesture. You could tell that she was just so use to kissing him as soon as she sees him, and this was no exception! They read beautiful vows to each other, and honestly, I don’t know how the entire room didn’t break down in tears. Then it was time for the legit kiss, and they fell into it as I declared them husband and wife! Congratulations Shawn and Caitlin! You’re such a fantastic couple and I’m so happy I got to share such a special moment with you. Best wishes always, for a happy life.

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