YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

November 14th was gorgeous inside Statler City in Buffalo. What a beautiful spot to get married! I like standing on the second floor and watch guests as they come in, looking all around and taking in the old building. I then like finding my groom, nervous in all ways! Christopher was sort of keeping to himself, as his groomsmen joked around, he stood off to the side, with a contemplative look. I think he wanted it to be a perfect day for Sara, and goofing around beforehand just wouldn’t do! I checked in with Sara who seemed a little more laid back. It could be because her photographer had her spread out on a chaise lounge, but I think she was mostly excited for the moment to begin. Everything looked perfect, especially their photos aligning the aisle that they soon would walk down. Guests couldn’t help but smile as they looked at all the different images. Soon it was time to start, and the groomsmen got very serious. There was tie fixing, ring checking, and triple checking that they were walking and standing the right way! I love attentive groomsmen. Christopher and I waited for Sara to make her grand appearance, and once she did, everyone stood to take in her full beauty. She made her way to Christopher smiling, and they almost looked like they wanted to laugh once the moment began. When it came time for their vows, even though they had sent them to me beforehand and I knew what was coming, they were undeniably magical in the moment. So full of love and emotion, that I don’t know how there could have been a dry eye in the house. Congratulations Christopher and Sara! You’re a wonderful couple and the happiness that you share with each other everyday, will leave you with nothing except a super happy life. Best wishes always!

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