YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

What’s better than one Halloween wedding? Well two of course! I was exposed to eat A LOT of candy on this weekend, and I didn’t disappoint myself. At the amazing Pearl at the Webb, I checked in with Sharifa getting the finishing touches on her makeup and hair, (and she already looked amazing, sans dress) and Chris nervously waiting on guests and greeting family. He had a hint of nerves, but definitely seemed ready to be married to his bride. I was casually milling about, ignoring the enormous table covered with candy, and taking in how beautiful the room was. As guests began to fill it, everything seemed more real, and groomsmen started taking their responsibilities seriously, and making sure that everything was perfect for their friend. Once the adorable ring bearers and flower girls appeared, everyone was ready for this moment to begin. Eventually Sharifa made her way out and she looked stunning! I don’t know how anyone can manage to look so good and such a high stress day, but she pulled it off. They seemed so happy once they were standing side by side, and I knew that they were thinking about how long they had know each other, and what a journey it was to arrive at this moment. I was very moved by the looks they gave each other, the nervous laughter that escaped, and of course the giant kiss that followed at the end. I guess there are some things better than candy. Congratulations Chris and Sharifa! I’m so glad the two of you found me and that I was able to share in such a beautiful and important moment. Best wishes for all time!

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