YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Wow. What an intimate and beautiful wedding. On November 21st at Baachus Wine Bar, Laura and Stephen’s closest family and friends gathered for their lovely wedding. It’s at weddings like this that you realize it isn’t about the size, or the crazy decorations, or the favors that took forever to put together. It’s about being in love and sharing that moment with the people that care about you the most. And getting married in front of a giant wine cork wall is pretty bad ass as well! I hung out with family and waited for Laura to arrive. Guests were very excited for this adorable couple, who don’t get to spend as much time with each other as they’d like since Stephen is in the military. I knew how much they were looking forward to this moment, and I kept excitedly checking my watch because I was eager for the moment to begin! In a tasteful and polished room, Laura arrived and was escorted down the aisle to her future husband. They are a quiet and sweet couple, and it was very moving when Stephen was brought to tears as he spoke his vows to Laura. It was incredibly touching, and I was so happy for them at then end when they were able to grab each other and say that they were husband and wife! Congratulations Stephen and Laura! I’m happy that distance didn’t keep you from each other, or expensive phone bills 😉
I wish you lifetime of happiness!!!

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