YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Halloween weddings are exciting. There are many different reasons, but I’m going to get down to it. There is lots of candy involved. And that was the case at the Niawanda Park Pavilion where Ruthie and Matt shared their vows. It was a beautiful fall day, and they both seemed very excited for the moment. They had an Alice in Wonderland theme, so the centerpieces were super cool! Otherwise, they were definitely going for a laid back, comfortable affair. It’s nice to see weddings with lots of kids running around. Then you know that you have a couple that can have fun with each other no matter what is happening around them.
The groomsmen were very funny, checking in with Matt a lot and talking about what they did to make the moment perfect. It’s nice to see guys put the bravado aside and just be happy and nervous for their friend. Ruthie looked ready to begin and get next to Matt, so we started as soon as everyone grabbed a seat! They spoke their words of love to each other, and when Matt’s eyes filled with tears, I felt so happy to be sharing in another amazing moment. And of course, always happy to watch the kiss that joins them in marriage. Congratulations Matt & Ruthie! It was clear from the moment I met you that you were made for each other, and I know you will have a full and happy life together. Always!

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