YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 2nd was the first fully fall day of the year. And with that it brought some chilly wind. But that wasn’t gonna stop Staci and Dan from having their moment under the gazebo at The Lancaster Country Club. So guests huddled inside, building up their warmth, before it was time to head outside! Staci and Dan both seemed so happy though. It wasn’t about weather, it was about each other. So after checking in with both of them, and feeling their energy, I wasn’t worried about being cold outside anymore. Soon it was time and we headed out. Dan’s mom wasn’t able to be there, but she was there through facetime, which was such a lovely idea. No one would want to miss this moment!
Soon, Staci came out, looking beautiful, and made her way to Dan. They started laughing and I’m pretty sure it was at a gust of wind that came whipping in. It takes such a magical couple to be able to take a non-perfect situation and make it their own. In that moment I knew they wouldn’t have changed a thing. They said their vows and did their wine ceremony, and kept giving me that expecting look which I’ve learned means, “is it almost over?? We want to kiss!” I was happy to finally announce them husband and wife and watch them grab each other for the best moment of all! Congratulations Dan and Staci! I’m so happy that I got to spend that moment with you. It beat out any warm, boring spot there is. I wish you a lifetime of happy days and long, beautiful falls.

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