YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Lovely people pick lovely places to be married. That sure was true on September 19th at Wanakah Country Club. We already know it was raining down on weddings all over Buffalo, so Ashley and John had to move their party indoors as well. They didn’t seem too upset about that though, they mostly just seemed excited. John and his groomsmen were getting ready doing the usual guy stuff. Which is mainly trying to figure out how to pin boutineers on. If I had a dollar for every boutineer I’ve pinned…and the girls were hiding upstairs taking some last minute pictures. There were a lot of guests gathered and they were excitedly talking and waiting for the big moment. I checked to make sure that Ashley and John were ready and had their love letters ready for their Wine/Love Letter Box, and headed out!
As I waited with John, he was all smiles, but none was as big as when Ashley stepped forward. They suddenly seemed nervous, realizing what a huge moment this one. They grabbed hands to calm each other and it was a breeze. During a reading, John looked at me with panic, realizing he forgot to bring his love letter out for the ceremony! When the time came, I handed him the marriage license in it’s envelope and no one was the wiser! It looked like I was just holding his letter for him. Disaster averted! Ashley could  tell and she started laughing a bit. I’m pretty sure these two are laughing all the time. They finally kissed as husband and wife and the crowd erupted! Congratulations John and Ashley! You’re a beautiful couple and all the rain only solidified a lucky marriage. Best wishes always.


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