YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 3rd was an amazing day. There may have been a chill in the air, but when you’re near Jessica and Tom, you feel nothing but warmth. At the Fox Valley Club I found guests gathering excitedly for what they knew would be a beautiful evening. Jessica and Tom are a lovely couple and I was excited that I was going to share this day with them. They both looked calm and ready for the moment (although watching Tom sneak off and nervously chug water beforehand made me smile), and everything looked perfect inside. I had spoken to Jessica’s mom, Jill many times over email, and I knew how excited she was for this day. It’s amazing what joy a wedding can bring to family and friends, and I love the time I get to just watch people gather and talk about the day. I’m a wallflower at life’s most exciting events!
Soon it was time to begin and Tom and I made our way up front with his groomsmen close behind. That’s when everyone starts to get that nervous energy that keeps hands fixing suit coats and feet moving from spot to spot. Finally Jessica walked into the room, looking stunning, and everyone took to their feet, looking amazed. She made her way to her future husband and they took hands and looked absolutely comforted once their met eyes. They had a candle ceremony where they invited their moms up, and it was exciting to see the transition from being the person they were, to the person they are becoming as a wife and a husband. They finally kissed and it was official, more so when guests showered them with white sprinkles! Congratulations Tom and Jessica! I’m so happy that you found me and that I was able to share in such an extraordinary day! To a lifetime of happiness!!!

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