YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Seriously, I’m over writing about the rain. It’s like it’s just haunting my weekend ceremonies. It’s a good thing I meet so many awesome people that don’t freak out when it rains on them on their big day. Stephanie and Michael were the kind of awesome couple I’m talking about. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Templeton Landing, and the rain wouldn’t take a hint. Until it did stop! And then started 10 minutes later 😦 But then it stopped again! But started 10 minutes later 😦 This went on for a bit. Stephanie and Michael decided to just risk it and start the ceremony in one of those 10 minute breaks. We all know how this story ends. I’m waiting up front with Michael and gorgeous Stephanie steps outside. Guests immediately stand because, well, she looks amazing and they are so excited. As soon as she takes her first step towards Michael, rain. RAIN. WTF. But she kept her cool and I really think that just looking at him was enough for her. I greeted her and commented on what a lucky and refreshing day it was, and once they laughed I knew they were doing ok. It’s not about weather, or favors, and even food. It’s about this moment. Two people who love each other and can’t wait to tell everyone they know that they are planning on spending forever together. And I for one, loved every second of it. Rain and all. Congratulations Michael & Stephanie! You’re such a strong, and amazing couple. I imagine it’s only sunny skies from this point forward! Much love and happiness.

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